The Environment

iHub is Ethiopia's ICT Innovation and Incubation program that provides infrastructural, training, business development and technical support to selected young ICT Start-ups and entrepreneurs:
  1. Infrastructural support, including fully equipped plug n play office/cubicles with Internet services, meeting room space, administrative and secretarial support.
  2. Training Support includes tailored professional training on business management, entrepreneurship, financial management and marketing/networking.
  3. Business development support including specialized and expert consultation on business development, marketing, networking and mentoring services.
  4. Promotion, marketing and networking support including finding markets and connections for products and services as well as matching of innovative ideas with local and international ICT companies and potential investors.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation Service assists ICT Start-ups to identify risks and mitigate them before they became problems.

The Business Incubation Process

i-Hub Ethiopia is an innovative incubation business developement center, which is a unique and highly flexible establishment designed to educate, nurture and monitor ICT Startups by helping them to grow through the difficult and vulnerable and early stages business development times. The program is intended to provide all kinds of support to include training, business plan development, project management, business management, creating enabling environment for networking and marketing. In theory, incubation has four distinct stages of business development processes. In practice, i-Hub is focused on the first three stages of business development processes.

The management team is guided by best practices in incubation management focusing on six distinct and interrelated plans namely promotion, enrollment, product development, marketing/networking support, monitoring/evaluation and graduation.  The plan incorporates a lifecycle approach spanning over two years.  i.e The point at which, selected start-up companies are enrolled, provided with the required training to develop and manage their respective business as well as product and support them to be self-sustained so that they can graduate from the program.


iHub - ICT Innovation and Incubation Program Lifecycle